Coop Services

Let my wife and I be much more than just a cleaning service. Let us care for your flock as if it were our own.

The goal of our service is to make your backyard chicken experience enjoyable and as stress free as possible. We can help clean your coop, replace bedding, help with feed structures, and even provide a small level of health care for them. There are a wide variety of ailments chickens can come down with

We try to take a natural approach to most issues, but sometimes meds are necessary. Nicole and I can help with most all situations related to backyard chickens. Our service clients can enjoy increasing benefits with our various levels of service.

Coop Refresh

We will replace the bedding in needed areas, bag the old, and place Koop Clean in said area. We are happy to leave the old bedding behind or place it in your compost.

Basic Coop and Flock Check

We will give the perimeter of your coop and needed areas a look to make sure that it is secure. Check for signs of predators and if needed we will offer remedies. The flock will also receive a quick once over making sure there are not any ailments or issues on the surface. If a problem is found, we will bring it to the clients attention.

Wing Clipping

By request, we will clip wings once per month, or as needed. Aggressive Roos can be an extra charge.

Functional/Natural Worming Treat

Each visit we will administer a functional treat such as a salad or fruit medley with certain organic or natural ingredients to help build an immunity to worms and other parasites that may pray on your flock.

Seasonal Comfort and Immunity Boost

In each season the flock will receive various probiotics, electrolytes, and super foods to boost immunity in times of high heat or low temps. Our flocks are not used to super low temps, and our highs in the summer can be unbearable. The techniques we use will help in these extreme times.

Free Fertile Eggs

If you get a broody hen, we will give you fertile eggs once per quarter. If the hatch is incomplete or does not happen, a second set will be provided at half the price of our a la carte menu.

Basic Predator Removal

We will remove any apparent raccoon or opossum problems that may arise. We will come once per week to set a trap and remove any varmint caught back into the wild. Other varmint removal request or extra trips setting traps may occur in extra cost.

Health Care Plan

On our website (in our a la Carte section) are a list of ailments, illnesses, and special needs we offer a discounted price for service members. All service members get the trip fee waved.
Medical procedures, medicines, or treatments will cost extra.

Our service plans can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  We also ask you pay monthly or quarterly. Payments are up front and non refundable. We accept checks, paypal, or venmo.

Distance does matter.  We will calculate your address and service request….Then we will put it into our route schedule and give you a firm price for service within 24 hours. If you live further than 20 miles from us, a small trip/gas fee will be added.

Hi, glad you're here, let us know if need any question about our products and services